Best brands for women handbag


Women go crazy with quality and fashionable handbags. If you are a fashion-conscious women, you must know how important it is to carry a stylish handbag to make you look more complete and define. However, while selecting a handbag, it is equally important to look for quality and fabric with a nice design. There are so many brands out there in the market with their latest trendy look and design that it sometimes confusing to select the right one that will fit your budget as well. This article is all about the famous brands for their awesome design and quality to help you narrow down your choice.


You cannot skip Chanel if you are looking for a handbag. They have some of the best quality and designed handbags, but may cut your wallet with high price. Chanel has launched their bags in 1909 and since then, all the fashion celebrities and people who can really afford this fashion are with Chanel. They are known as one of the top ten luxurious brands of the world.


This brand has faced all the ups and downs of the fashion world as one of the oldest brands. Their unique designer bags with high quality fabrics and a wide range of color choice will offer you a stylish look for every occasion. I must also warn you about their high price.

Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs, who is a famous fashion designer, has offered a huge collection of his best works through this brand. You will never be depressed by their price when you are lucky enough to carry their exclusive creation. They have their outlets in more than 80 countries of the world with 200 stores of exclusive collection.


This brand is quite famous among fashion ladies for their huge collection of handbags with accessories and bridal collections. They have kept up their reputation by releasing new collections every year. They produce some of the best quality handbags with great quality material and also, so many different clothing and shoe collections for women in one place.



They have traveled a long journey after 1837 and a famous brand of Paris with some of the expensive handbags and other products like shoes and watches. They have sold some of the most expensive and high quality handbags, however, the buyers have been lucky enough to make a relation with Hermes.

Michael Kors:

Here comes one of the best brands for their trendy collections that have made them worthy of their high price. Michael Kors, an American brand, has got so many rewards for manufacturing best quality products with a noticeable color variation to make you look gorgeous and stylish.

Kate spade:

If you are looking for some of the best leather handbags, Kate Spade is the right solution for you. This American brand has a reputation for high quality leather products and unique designs. With good quality, they have a price match their values.


If you want to maintain a class with your handbags, these seven brands can be your option. Their service is obviously phenomenal with their quality. Choose your one and stay stylish.

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